About JCCC

Johnson County Community College is one of our county's greatest assets.  We should all be thankful to the county commission of 1963 who had the vision and courage to make JCCC a reality for our community. Enrollment at JCCC has grown from 1,380 students when the first classes were held to more than 20,000 credit and 15,000 continuing education students today.  

JCCC serves young people seeking a post-high-school education, as well as adults seeking training for a career change, or continuing education in their profession. The college offers a broad range of courses and degrees, including international business courses, arts, humanities, psychology, political science, and nursing,just to name a few.  They offer 12 foreign languages and the opportunity for students to travel abroad.

For those in our county who have completed their educational journey, JCCC still has a lot to offer such as the Performing Arts Series or the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art.

If you haven't visited the college in a while, I encourage you to do so and experience all it has to offer.



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