A 'Game-Changing Asset'

By Alice Thorson

April 24, 2017

“Under the impeccable leadership of Bruce Hartman, the Nerman reinforces the national reputation of excellence JCCC enjoys,” Sopcich said.

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Why junior college might make sense for you

By Jaimie Duffek, NCSA Head Recruiting Coach

March 29, 2017

When you see “junior college” you may not think competitive athletic programs with future NCAA Division I and II athletes. But many are now giving junior college a serious look.

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Hispanic businesses take hit amid ICE crackdowns

By John Pepitone

February 15, 2017

At Johnson County Community College, the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is concerned about the business impact of immigration policy changes. The Hispanic Chamber is teaching at-risk Latino high schoolers how to start their own enterprises at a four-day business boot camp.

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Kansas educators say budget cuts would raise tuition, empty some district coffers

By Mará Rose Williams

February 8, 2017

While Kansas lawmakers are poised to haggle over a proposed $150 million in cuts to education, leaders of the state’s public universities said steep reductions could cost students and families in higher tuition.​

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Kansas Regents Set Quotas for Further Increasing Graduations

By Sam Zeff

Jan 18, 2017

Wednesday all of the schools found out how many more students they are going to have to graduate to meet the goal. The University of Kansas will have to graduate 311 more students every year, Kansas State the same number. Johnson County Community College has a goal of 284 more graduates, while Kansas City Kansas Community College has to graduate 116 more students a year.​

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