My campaign's vision for JCCC ("the College") is that which my family instilled in me:

1. That a civil society depends first and foremost upon quality education for its citizens. Education must be available to all, and the College must be a place where people and their families can come together and learn how to make their lives better.

2. Our community's future depends upon maintaining the College's strengths, and yet being flexible enough to adapt to an ever changing global economy.  

3. Businesses and job creators need and depend upon the skilled workers that the College has long produced.  We must maintain this standard, and advocate for common sense funding of education at all levels, particularly at the community college level. 

4. That faculty, staff, and the administration have the support they need to pursue the academic freedom that has made this country great.  Academic freedom, reason, and logic must be protected because teaching and researching the information needed for tomorrow's leaders is often difficult, and we do not know where the next good idea will come from.

5. To continue Johnson County's long and committed history of  providing the highest quality public education. 


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